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9th September 2008

hellobrutal6:54pm: WARPED TOUR 08 PHOTOS:
1) Click photo below
2) Goto 'Media'
3) Click the WARPED TOUR COLUMBIA MD 7/16/08 album

please also add BRUTALPHOTOS.COM

6th July 2008

dreamyraynbo3:15pm: Warped
Has anybody here seen RBF on Warped yet? I'm just curious about their set, if they're playing a lot of older/newer stuff, how the crowd is reacting to them... Hopefully a lot of kids will go home wanting to check out their music, yeah? :D

3rd May 2008


A FEW PHOTOS OF REEL BIG FISH FROM THE John Hopkins University show:


13th March 2008

prisoneroftime11:22am: Warped Tour 2008 Pre-Sale Tickets

Pre-sale tickets are going on sale TOMORROW morning for the Vans Warped Tour.

The pre-sale is the only place to get discounted tickets. The presale is also offering the 2008 Warped Tour Compilation album for 50% off. You can also buy an exclusive T Shirt and discounted AP Magazine subscription that comes with a "Cut the Warped Tour Autograph Line" pass for $10.

Vans Warped Tour Presale DetailsCollapse )

11th February 2008

stephlikespunk10:07pm: HELLO!!
Hi. Okay. So it's really retarded of me, but I'm going to america in March. And, reel big fish are playing shows in orangevale and santa cruz while im staying in clifornia. Only, I don't know ANYONE who would come see an RBF show with me. Is anyone going?? Be my friend??


30th July 2007

dvlf9:07pm: from Ramshead Live in baltimore! 7-14-07 show

there are a lot more pictures here =

there is more videos on youtube..and more to come to photobucket in the future..

goldballoons9:03pm: Who knew that Hayley Williams of Paramore was a fan?

Not me. But now I adore her even more.
Current Mood: accomplished

24th July 2007

downtomars4:01pm: Okay so last night I went to my first Reel Big Fish concert & they played this song where they talking about their master skills and did a disco song & country song & stuff...does anyone know what that song is called & where I can get it? Thanks :)

- from someone who doesn't know anything about reel big fish..but kinda likes 'em

12th June 2007

galadrine11:21pm: Reel Big Vacation!
Haha, I just added two more shows to my trip this summer. So I'm seeing RBF on these dates:

July 31st in Anaheim
August 2nd in LA
August 3rd in San Diego
August 5th in Vegas

And I'm on the guest list for the last two. This is going to be an awesome summer!

13th May 2007

loser_inside11:04pm: discussion
with this upcomming (or already started?) tour, i was wondering how many times everyone has seen RBF?

i have seen them, if my math skills are working, 14 times.
and twice more this summer!

27th April 2007

skaagent8:08pm: New Song!
I found a new song! It's called "Cannibal"! Check this out http://yousuckirule.com/band.php?band=Reel%20Big%20Fish

20th November 2006

hello___tragedy6:40pm: i've never seen reel big fish yet, but i'm seeing this saturday.
for anyone who's seen them recently, what songs do they play? :)

5th November 2006

galadrine1:13am: Fall Of Ska concert pics(REEL BIG FISH AND MORE!!!)
Here are all the pictures I got from the concert last night. In order of appearing band: ENJOY!

Westbound Train(4 pics):

Suburban Legends(21 pics):

Streetlight Manifesto(19 pics):

REEL BIG FISH!!!!!!(91 freaking pics! haha I went crazy!):

Edit:  I fixed it so the album is public, sorry I didn't pick up on that before haha.

4th November 2006

galadrine6:43pm: Saw Reel Big Fish again last night
AWESOME again!

I think this concert was better than their last one for me, mainly because I was like 2 feet from Johnny the whole time and we kept high fiving each other the whole show. And when he saw that I was hot from all the dancing I was doing to their music, he took his town and wiped my face off! God, I'm so in love with him(Watch out Robby lol).

After the show, we talked with Aaron, Johnny, Rabbit and Scott. I got some GOOD pictures(Not shitty camera phone pictures) with them, and we had some good conversation.

I took a BUNCH of pictures from the whole show, including the other three bands Westbound Train, Suburban Legands, and Streetlight Manifesto. Though most of the pictures are of Reel Big Fish. haha.  I took over one hundred pictures, so I'll probably just upload them to a browser, than give out a link, cause I don't want to post that many in a journal entry haha.

I'm going to upload all my pictures, then send out a link.

Reel Big Fish NEEDS to come back, I already want to see them again!

I promise to update again when I can give a link to my pictures :-D


12th October 2006

stephlikespunk5:12am: Oh my god.
I just got OLAIBTYLA in the mail.


10th October 2006

galadrine12:05am: My Meeting with Reel Big Fish photos!
Finally figured out how to get the damned things from my phone to my computer, so I now share them with all of you!!!! Sorry they're so dark, but my camera phone is a POS and there wasn't a lot of lights on outside.

Johnny Christmas(So sexy!)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Me and Johnny(*squee*)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Me and Aaron Barrett(He's so freaking funny!)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

9th October 2006

galadrine10:19am: I MET REEL BIG FISH!!!!
That's right ladies and gentlemen. Not only did I witness an AWESOME concert at the BMU featuring The Reel Big Fish, but afterwards I met the band(Everyone cept Matt Wong. He's shy and didn't hang out afterwards. But I did scream "I love you Matt Wong" to him on stage, and he totally heard/saw me). Aaron, Scott and Johnny signed my shirt, and the Rabbit gave me his back stage bracelet.

I also got pictures with Aaron and Johnny.

They're so cute! I got to hug them!!!

I'm so freaking star struck right now. I've been listening to Reel Big Fish since I was a kid, and I can't believe I actually freaking met them!!!!!!!!

And here's a picture of me in my awesome signed shirt :-D

I'm still trying to get the pictures off my phone and on to my computer(I love the one of me and Johnny!).Read more...Collapse )

I think I'm in love with Johnny Christianson by the way, he was totally digging me too. lol. We got to stand around and talk trumpet talk(I'm a trumpet player as well). I loved all the hugs he gave me!

Honestly, it was the best experience of my life so far. Having been a fan of theirs since 1995, I was totally lost for words when I first saw them in front of me. It was great.

15th August 2006


Last chance to get the super cool autographed Reel Big Fish baseball t!

Take a look!

Auctions here -------> CLICK!

9th August 2006

shakeyourtail11:07pm: I have a sweet Reel Big Fish autographed shirt up for sale on ebay.

I've posted it here before, but this time I have better pictures so maybe someone will want it.

It's in great condition!

Click Here for the auction.

15th July 2006

shakeyourtail2:49pm: Hi, I have a Reel Big Fish collector's item for sale here.

It's a Baseball t that's been signed by Aaron, the lead singer. This shirt is super old and hard to find (I bought it about 8 years ago!)

Here are pictures:

I'm sorry that the pictures are backwards but I couldn't flip them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It's a men's size medium.

I would ask $30 for it and $3 shipping and handling. (or best offer).

Thanks for looking.

9th May 2006

nimawanachanalo12:56pm: Once again, Reel Big Bling

RBF Bling

Pre-Tour Markdown Now $4

($7 with shipping)

I <3 RBF Bling

Pre-Tour Markdown! Now $5

($8 with shipping)

All letters are made from Pewter with Czech Crystals

Save $1 by ordering your Reel Big Bling before RBF starts it's Summer Tour promoting their upcoming CD/DVD live album, “Our Live Album is Better than Your Live Album”

Go to http://www.mwearjewelry.com/reelbigbling.htm for more info.
Buy a bracelet and show your support for RBF, I  even wrote to RBF to get permission from their manager to use the addreviation, and I got this response:
"Sounds cool we see no problem with that go for it!!!

-Vince Pileggi"
They are cool, so please, check out the site, and get ur own bracelet to wear to their Summer Tour!

lena_horne12:42am: I've heard rumors that RBF and Streetlight Manifesto are touring together in the US this summer.
Does anyone know if there's any truth to this?

7th March 2006

lastcallxkillit1:53pm: Does ANYONE know the lyrics to that "reggae/rap" part in Thank You For Not Moshing? It's just been bothering me. After the first chorus I know there's a part, and then there is another part later on in the song. It's not in the CD case and I can't find them on the internet so I was wondering if one of you could help me out.

6th February 2006

loveamasochist7:28pm: so does anyone know why/how sick scott is??
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