Emi Lie (nimawanachanalo) wrote in reel_big_fish,
Emi Lie

Once again, Reel Big Bling

RBF Bling

Pre-Tour Markdown Now $4

($7 with shipping)

I <3 RBF Bling

Pre-Tour Markdown! Now $5

($8 with shipping)

All letters are made from Pewter with Czech Crystals

Save $1 by ordering your Reel Big Bling before RBF starts it's Summer Tour promoting their upcoming CD/DVD live album, “Our Live Album is Better than Your Live Album”

Go to http://www.mwearjewelry.com/reelbigbling.htm for more info.
Buy a bracelet and show your support for RBF, I  even wrote to RBF to get permission from their manager to use the addreviation, and I got this response:
"Sounds cool we see no problem with that go for it!!!

-Vince Pileggi"
They are cool, so please, check out the site, and get ur own bracelet to wear to their Summer Tour!

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