Erin (galadrine) wrote in reel_big_fish,

Saw Reel Big Fish again last night

AWESOME again!

I think this concert was better than their last one for me, mainly because I was like 2 feet from Johnny the whole time and we kept high fiving each other the whole show. And when he saw that I was hot from all the dancing I was doing to their music, he took his town and wiped my face off! God, I'm so in love with him(Watch out Robby lol).

After the show, we talked with Aaron, Johnny, Rabbit and Scott. I got some GOOD pictures(Not shitty camera phone pictures) with them, and we had some good conversation.

I took a BUNCH of pictures from the whole show, including the other three bands Westbound Train, Suburban Legands, and Streetlight Manifesto. Though most of the pictures are of Reel Big Fish. haha.  I took over one hundred pictures, so I'll probably just upload them to a browser, than give out a link, cause I don't want to post that many in a journal entry haha.

I'm going to upload all my pictures, then send out a link.

Reel Big Fish NEEDS to come back, I already want to see them again!

I promise to update again when I can give a link to my pictures :-D

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